TMGM joins FMA Vanuatu

February 8, 2021

TMGM joins FMA Vanuatu

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TMGM prides itself on its research and development department, through which it is able to constantly innovate and push boundaries of liquidity and usability. They are regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) and the Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC).

TMGM outline three ways in which they provide a world-class service: connection, protection and assistance.

  • Connection – TMGM connects customers with a wide range of markets through both their own cutting-edge platforms and other industry-leading platforms. This enables their customers to trade in various markets at competitive rates;
  • Protection – Security is TMGM’s top priority, and they ensure this in a number of ways, including being licensed and registered under two regulatory organizations, only holding funds in tier 1 major banks, receiving funds into segregated banks that are separate from TMGM’s and a comprehensive civil liability insurance program;
  • Assistance – Customer service at TMGM is second to none. They offer 24/5 assistance, support in various world languages, local offices in over 10 countries and a VIP program for high volume traders, enabling access to exclusive events, workshops and more.

TMGM’s story

At its core, TMGM is a company built by traders and for traders. Recognizing solutions to existing problems as well as opportunities to innovate for the future, TMGM’s founders launched their company in Sydney and Canberra and received its license from the Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC) in 2013. Following steady growth for three years, in 2016 TMGM acquired LifeByte – an innovative IT company that transforms R&D investment into tangible results – to provide customers with a superior trading environment. 

In 2017, TMGM established TradeMax Equities to deal in a range of tradeable products, such as bonds, stocks and DMA services. It also set up a partnership with BT Financial Group, an Australian wealth management company, as the founders recognized an increasing demand for these services. In 2018, TMGM launched two new offices in Australia (in Melbourne and Adelaide) as well as their first overseas office in the Philippines. In 2019, two additional international offices opened in Taiwan and New Zealand. And last year TMGM opened its first office in Asia’s financial hub: Singapore. Over the years they’ve developed considerable partnerships with the world’s most reputable organizations, including UBS, Morgan Stanley, Citadel and JPMorgan to name just a few. Learn more about TMGM on their website.

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