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As a financial dealer, you’re well aware of the potential for financial crime in our industry. Disreputable players exploit weak jurisdictions and banking systems to defraud retail investors, launder money and finance terrorist organizations. A few bad apples stain our entire industry, making it harder for you to attract customers and grow your businesses – and it’s hard enough as it is.

Protect your customers’ interests. Mitigate regulatory and reputational risk.

Newly founded in 2020 by Vanuatu’s six largest Registered FDL Agents, FMA Vanuatu is a self-regulatory organization dedicated to enforcing the highest professional standards above and beyond government regulation, fuelling the success of our industry, and building lasting economic resiliency for Vanuatu. We strive to keep consumers safe and our industry healthy by promoting a fair and orderly financial marketplace.

Immediate benefits for members:

Over the next 12 months FMA Vanuatu will be rolling out a full range of members’ services, including the publication of member-reviewed standards and practices, a complaint handling process with a peer committee to resolve disputes, and much more. The list will grow, but right now membership lets you:

  • Get comprehensive information about industry regulations, standards and practices
  • Have your name listed publicly among the most regarded securities traders in our nation
  • Be represented before Vanuatu authorities, overseas regulators and international bodies
  • Get assistance resolving customer complaints and disputes fairly and efficiently
  • Choose from a list of FMA-approved, peer-tested service providers

Show your traders that you seriously care about accountability and transparency.

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