Fraud warning

Beware of fraudulent use of Vanuatu brokers’ credentials

We have been made aware of scams where a fraudulent organization was posing as one of Vanuatu’s Financial Dealer License holders, using its name, trademark, registered address, company number and/or VFSC license number.

They can go so far as to setup fake websites that look like the genuine ones in order to lure investors into opening an account and depositing funds.

Investors should always exercise due diligence when retaining the services of an online broker. A good way to verify the legitimity of a Vanuatu Financial Dealer is to check this page where we keep the list of all licensed brokers up to date.

FMA members are also encouraged to run regular checks by searching for any unauthorized use of their identity and credentials online.

List of known scams

Below are all the scams we have identified to date, starting with the most recently reported.

Please report any scam you find

If you suspect fraudulent use of the identity of a Vanuatu Financial Dealer License holder, of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, or of the Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu, please report it to us. We will take action to address the issue by warning the public as well as reaching out to the scammer’s hosting supplier and domain registrar.

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