Introducing our newest member: Market Equity

November 30, 2020

Introducing our newest member: Market Equity

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Market Equity Inc., a global financial services firm with products that cover Forex, futures contracts, shares, stock indicators, and commodities, joins FMA Vanuatu to become our organization’s newest member. 

As a member of our organization, Market Equity will now enjoy representation before Vanuatu authorities, overseas regulators, and international bodies; receive a platform to participate in lobbying for necessary legislative changes; and be given timely and comprehensive information on industry regulations, standards, practices, and changes in legislation.

Our organization was set up to support the government of Vanuatu, which has been strengthening regulation of the Financial Dealer License (FDL) program in recent years. These changes were made in order to meet the international standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), but also demonstrate that the country is a responsible player on the world stage. 

In 2018, Vanuatu’s financial industry reputation had come under fire due to the actions of a handful of bad actors, catalyzing sweeping changes in legislation and regulation. This has led to a much higher degree of scrutiny of areas such as account audits, professional insurance, and quarterly reporting. And even more legislation will follow. 

Before 2018, many hundreds of financial dealers were operating under licenses from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Now there are just over one hundred, and the quality of those licensees went up drastically. Our non-profit organization was launched to support the legislative and regulatory overhaul, and to help reputable organizations like Market Equity that are operating in this space.

Who is behind FMA Vanuatu?

FMA Vanuatu was founded by six registered FDL agents that are all long-standing members of the Financial Centre Association of Vanuatu and based in the capital city of Port Vila:

After our first general assembly, held in September 2020, we elected our first committee, who are also representatives of these founding organizations:

  • Martin St-Hilaire (AJC), President
  • Preyanka Philip (iCount), Treasurer
  • Mathilde Augerd (Law Partners), Secretary 
  • Daniel Agius (iCount), Vice-President

More about Market Equity Inc.

Market Equity is committed to securing its position as a world-leading financial services firm, placing itself at the forefront of the global economy and pioneering advancement and revolution in the trading world. Their mission is to maximize investment objectives by ensuring that they can provide the very best financial services and trading products. They know that their success is tied to the success of every trader, which is why they’ve invested in an experienced and talented team who work to meet and exceed the company’s requirements and ensure a seamless service. The financial services firm was founded by distinguished trading professionals with decades of trading experience and on three guiding values. 

  • The commitment they are most wedded to is transparency in all of their communications and services. 
  • They also strive for 100% reliability and to ensure that their services are delivered in a timely manner. 
  • A commitment to quality is their final value; they want not only to meet but also exceed the expectations of their clients. 

For more about Market Equity Inc., click here.

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