Global Clearing House joins FMA Vanuatu

December 2, 2020

Global Clearing House joins FMA Vanuatu

Global Clearing House Ltd. joins Hantec Markets Australia, Market Equity Inc. and Titan FX to become one of our first members. Registered under and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), Global Clearing House provides turnkey software, liquidity solutions, and clearing solutions for financial companies across the world, including FX Infinity and Forex Shield.

Global Clearing House considered the user when developing their trading software, ensuring that it’s intuitive and easy to use. Their services include risk management software, compliance services and server and hosting solutions. They operate over a thousand different trading instruments. For more about Global Clearing House, click here.

More about FMA Vanuatu

Our organization was formed to bolster Vanuatu’s fast-growing financial industry following a legislation overhaul. “The online financial industry is growing by the day, and the better we compel these companies to set up shop in our jurisdiction, the closer the nation gets to achieving self-reliance and prosperity,” says Roy MacDonald, owner of Corporate Services Limited, one of the six VFSC-registered agents who co-founded FMA Vanuatu. 

Macdonald firmly believes that strengthening Vanuatu’s financial industry will boost the country’s GDP and generate new employment opportunities. This is particularly important in a post-covid world, where travel and tourism, a key component of Vanuatu’s economy, may take years – or even decades – to recover. But to strengthen the industry “we need to foster a well-regulated, fair, and efficient market environment,” he says.

Our organization, located in Port Vila, the country’s capital, was set up to ensure just that. A wave of legislation in recent years has put Vanuatu level with global regulatory standards, making it every bit as stringent as other reputable countries for online dealers to obtain licenses. But we want to strengthen the industry even further through peer-to-peer accountability, lobbying for effective regulation reviews and 100% transparency in governance for financial dealers.

Our founding members are also discussing additional legislative amendments to make world-class best practices part of Vanuatu law. They will also establish a disciplinary committee of members and government regulators that will act as the industry’s self-regulatory body to mediate complaints and implement sanctions when necessary.

What membership means for Global Clearance House

Now a member of FMA Vanuatu, Global Clearing House will have a platform for open communication channels with governments and regulators, media organizations, and the general public. This includes Vanuatu, of course, but it also extends globally. We will be able to notify Global Clearing House about changes in industry legislation, regulations, standards, and practices. We’ve also listed their compliance credentials on our website.

Our founding members

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