New FMA member: TradeNext

October 10, 2022

New FMA member: TradeNext

Founded in 2020, TradeNext brings a fresh vision to FX and CFD brokerage with a specific focus on the mobile experience – bringing Wall Street to the palm of traders’ hands.

While TradeNext works both on desktop and mobile, traders can jump seamlessly from one device to another, and start trading anytime, anywhere. 

Behind TradeNext’s user-friendly surface lies a secure, well-balanced trading platform, relying on a deep pool of liquidity, and supported by industry experience directly from within the trading space.

TradeNext offers access to the world’s markets with institutional-grade pricing and tight spreads (starting from 0.0) across more than 300 assets, from currencies to precious metals and U.S. stocks or cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. 

Its platform enables traders of all abilities to get started quickly and easily. Leverage is available up to 500:1, enabling traders to make significant moves on their ideas. 

Three types of accounts are offered:

  • BidZone Accounts allow for commission-free trading on a day to day basis, which makes them suitable for traders of all types, from casual to low-volume.
  • Alpha Accounts have a minimal per-transaction commission fee, allowing for ultra tight spreads. This is helpful for traders that trade in high volume, use Expert Advisors or automated trading systems, and traders looking to scalp the markets.
  • Connect Accounts feature tight spreads with no commissions with a minimum deposit of 1,000 USD, making them best suited for experienced traders.

Safety is of course a big part of the customer experience, and TradeNext spares no effort to protect retail traders. It enforces strict rules and guidelines to protect their interests at all times so they can be sure they’re dealing with a reliable and reputable provider in a secure environment. This includes holding their funds in segregated client bank accounts at regulated banks, among other best practices.

Joining the FMA Vanuatu was a natural step for TradeNext, as a proud Vanuatu broker who shares our values of expertise, efficiency, fairness and accountability. 

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