FXPRIMUS becomes newest brokerage to join FMA Vanuatu

December 8, 2020

FXPRIMUS becomes newest brokerage to join FMA Vanuatu


Comprehensive trading platform FXPRIMUS joins Deriv, Global Clearing House, Hantec Markets Australia and Titan FX in our most recent wave of membership sign-ups. With easy-to-use, intuitive, and accessible platform software, FXPRIMUS services traders from a variety of different backgrounds.

According to FXPRIMUS’s mission statement, their goal is “to provide the safest available online trading environment, and to continually innovate in the field of security in order to provide our clients with pioneering and industry-leading safety mechanisms, through the twin pillars of technology & education.”

FXPRIMUS spearheads safety in the forex industry and is proud to be the first brokerage to launch various supplementary measures. The brokerage runs stress tests for each of their products and offerings to help ensure that clients don’t reach a negative balance position. The company also invests in the research of new technologies that continue to strengthen and secure the industry.

On the technoology front, FXPRIMUS only uses cloud-based servers with high quality and global connectivity. This means fast execution, low spreads, and low latency to reduce the risk of superfluous loss. The brokerage also implemented state-of-the art hack-prevention software to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

FXPRIMUS believes that educated traders that are equipped with the right resources will have a better and longer trading experience. That’s why the company’s educational approach goes beyond the basic provision of the initial core trading journey and extends to comprehensive academic support throughout the trading cycle. They offer a “weekly outlook” article, which can be found on their blog here. They also organize webinars, seminars, educational videos, and invite experts to publish commentary on their website. For more about FXPRIMUS, take a look at the website here.

What FMA Vanuatu membership means for FXPRIMUS

We are a charitable organization founded by six registered agents for Vanuatu’s Foreign Dealer License (FDL) program, all long-standing members of the Vanuatu Financial Centre Association. We are a self-regulatory body for FDL holders trading financial instruments and securities online. We promise that for our members – like FXPRIMUS – the highest possible standards come as standard. As an organization that is highly sensitive to the risks of financial crime in a global virtual marketplace, we work tirelessly to safeguard the reputation of our industry, which in turn protects the economic stability of our island nation. 

Our members may be competitors, but that doesn’t prevent them from working together to develop, implement and enforce the highest professional standards above and beyond existing regulations in order to earn the trust of our partners and customers and contribute to Vanuatu’s prosperity. Although the list of membership benefits will grow in the future, currently FXPRIMUS enjoys access to timely and comprehensive information on industry regulations, standards, and practices; representation before the Vanuatu government, overseas regulators, and international bodies; a complaint handling process with a peer committee to resolve disputes; and more. 

For more information about becoming a member, click here.

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