FMA Vanuatu welcomes its very first member: Titan FX

November 20, 2020

FMA Vanuatu welcomes its very first member: Titan FX

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Vanuatu-based Titan FX had the honor of becoming the very first official member of our non-profit organization, a self-regulating body for Financial Dealer License (FDL) holders who operate digital platforms for trading financial instruments and securities online.

As a member of FMA Vanuatu, Titan FX will receive timely and comprehensive information on industry regulations, standards, practices, and changes in legislation; enjoy representation before Vanuatu authorities, overseas regulators, and international bodies; and be given a platform to participate in lobbying for necessary legislative changes.

FMA Vanuatu was founded by six registered FDL agents that are all long-standing members of the Financial Centre Association of Vanuatu and based in the capital city of Port Vila. They are: AJC, Barrett & Partners, Company Services Ltd., iCount, Law Partners and Moores Rowland.

Our founding members launched our organization to help refresh the image of Vanuatu’s trading industry, which has suffered due to the actions of a few bad actors in recent years. FMA Vanuatu helps support the government of Vanuatu, which has been strengthening regulation of the FDL program in order to meet the international standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), but also demonstrate that the country is a responsible player on the world stage.

The increased legislation has led to a much higher degree of scrutiny of areas such as account audits, professional insurance, and quarterly reporting. Even more legislation is expected to follow. Now a member of FMA Vanuatu, Titan FX will find navigating this legislation less problematic.

“More high-quality players in the jurisdiction means a better awareness and reputation for all of us”, said Marine Dondelinger-Mathis, compliance director for TitanFX. “We might be competitors, but if we help each other as an industry, in the end we’ll bring more value to retail investors. FMA Vanuatu may very well be the steppingstone that propels all of us to the next level.”

About Titan Fx

Harnessing advanced technology and faultless customer service, Titan FX always puts traders first. They adopt a technology-based approach to online trading, including the latest advancements in trading platform technology, ultra-tight spreads, full ECN execution, and no requotes. As a reputable online brokerage, they also operate with complete transparency. Titan FX offers a range of tradable instruments, including FX, Commodities, Indices, and Metals. They also offer soon-to-be-released US Stocks.

Titan FX takes corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. Their initiatives focus on the social and economic development of Vanuatu through company support and partnerships programs. For more info visit

Our founding members

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