FMA Vanuatu Welcomes ForexChief

June 25, 2021

FMA Vanuatu Welcomes ForexChief

The Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu is proud to welcome ForexChief as its latest member organization.

Headquartered in Port Vila and licensed by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, ForexChief offers clients a stable, technically sound trading platform for currency contracts and precious metals. By utilizing among the most cutting-edge solutions within the industry, such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, ForexChief puts the power in the hands of its users to take advantage of rapid changes in the market and access information formerly available to only select firms.

Since its inception in 2014, ForexChief’s mission has been to provide a reliable platform for clients that will, above all, maintain speed and stability even in unpredictable situations. The company also puts an emphasis on keeping key information available to the public and avoiding conflicts of interest that break down transparency. 

ForexChief encourages investors—both experienced and those new to the space alike—to take advantage of a range of resources to educate themselves on the world of forex trading and beyond, and their site offers a wide library of materials on topics like the history of forex trading, trading indicators, and more. ForexChief also offers a live chat function and around-the-clock technical support.

In addition to its services for individual account holders, ForexChief can also act as a liquidity provider for institutional clients, giving them ready-made solutions and helping them to obtain qualitative quotes using the company’s own aggregation architecture. 

Learn more about ForexChief’s services and account types on their website.

Membership in the Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu offers participating bodies not only the chance to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations, happenings, and industry practices, it also presents a platform to lobby for new legislation. Now, standing at 12 members strong, the Association brings together an influential and innovative group of professionals to push forward the sustainable growth of Vanuatu’s business landscape.

For more information about membership opportunities with the Financial Markets Association of Vanautu, click here.

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